Curious and open to experiments with local situations and other forms of music, the Teichmann Brothers perform as electronic live musicians and DJs all over the world. Their attitude is one of scientific interest, but also includes the appropriate respect – nothing is further from the brothers’ minds than using non-European or traditional music to spice up the ever-same dance beats in order to ingratiate themselves with a “young audience”. Instead, they seek out experiments outside the security zone, confrontational risk, and immediate dialogue. The Teichmann Brothers organise music projects in Africa, Asia and South America, give workshops in Kabul and Dhaka and cooperate with musicians from highly diverse contexts – from hip hop to traditional and all the way to new music.

During their travels and performances in over 50 countries, the “Teichmänner” (“Teichmen”) have collected a wealth of experience in musical collaboration. The live interaction between electronic and acoustic instruments is always at the centre of their attention. Past projects have been inspired by the urban scenes of Nairobi and Berlin, resulting in a musical collage (BLNRB, 2009-2011), or have portrayed ten metropolises in Africa and Europe in one concert (TEN CITIES, 2012-2014). They have worked in live collaborations with the Omnibus Ensemble, the WDR Ensemble, Piano Possibile, the Algerian jazz band Madar, the traditional Vietnamese musician Pham Thi Hue, the multi-instrumentalist Uli Teichmann and repeatedly with the composer and pianist Moritz Eggert and the composer and zither player Leopold Hurt. They have appeared at the Glacier Music Festival Tashkent in Uzbekistan, at Ludwigshafen’s Jetztzeitfestival, the Festival in Ehrl, and very different places all over the globe.


201321.–24. November 

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