The WDR Radio Choir Cologne was founded in 1947. The 48 singers of the professional ensembles are known for their versatile repertoire and for their specialisation in vocally demanding works. The spectrum ranges from medieval music to contemporary compositions. A cappella concerts, large-scale oratorios with orchestra and soloistic vocal music characterize the chorus’ profile as much as the symphonic repertoire, film music and opera work.

So far, the WDR Radio Choir has been involved in more than 150 world premieres and first performances, including works by Schoenberg, Henze, Stockhausen, Nono, Boulez, Zimmermann, Penderecki, Xenakis, Berio, Höller, Eötvös, Hosokawa, Pagh-Paan, Zender, Tüür and Mundry. The Radio Choir is in constant motion, exploring new spaces, looking actively for new challenges and making scores of extreme difficulty resound. The specific joy inherent in choral music and the invitation to all people to sing is important to the ensemble, and its programme also includes children’s and family concerts.

From 2004 to 2011, Rupert Huber was its Chief Conductor. His creative programming concepts resulted in unique concerts opening new listening dimensions to audiences. Various CD recordings document this work.
In 2012 the WDR Radio Choir Cologne received an Echo Classical Award for the best pre-recorded choral tapes for György Ligeti’s »Requiem«. During this season, the chorus is working with various guest conductors, its First Guest Conductor Nicholas Kok and its permanent Chorus Director David Marlow.


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