The International Composition Seminar, made possible through financing by the Allianz Kulturstiftung since 2004, is still a unique project throughout the world. The Seminar offers composers and conductors a unique opportunity to develop a piece under ideal conditions. Young composers particularly find it difficult to gain a foothold in the professional world: learning and studying generally take place exclusively at universities; there is usually no opportunity to work with professional ensembles. The International Composition Seminar strives to fill this gap, creating a platform which enables learning and working at the highest international level.

With their many years of experience as instrumentalists, the members of the Ensemble Modern provide invaluable support to the creative process of the participating young composers and conductors. For the two phases of the seminar, both a renowned composer and conductor are invited as tutors. During the first phase, composers can experiment with and develop their compositional ideas in conjunction with the musicians of the Ensemble. In very intense and productive sessions, they have the opportunity to not only develop a complete piece of work, but to try out parts of one or several pieces together with the Ensemble. In a second phase the pieces are then thoroughly rehearsed and performed. Both of these phases are accompanied by acclaimed personalities from the world of music, including, in the past, Stefan Asbury, Hanspeter Kyburz, George Benjamin, Johannes Kalitzke. and Helmut Lachenmann, Franck Ollu.

201321.–24. November 

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