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Introductory talk: 18.45

Opening Concert cresc...2013

Bernd Alois Zimmermann Musique pour les soupers du Roi Ubu.
Ballet noir in 7 parts with an Entrée for orchestra and combo (1966)
Beat Furrer »La Bianca Notte« for soprano, baritone and ensemble (2013) (world premiere)
Arnulf Herrmann Fiktive Tänze – Zweiter Band (world premiere new version/2013)
Vito Žuraj »Übürall« for soprano and ensemble (2013) (text and concept: Alexander Stockinger) (world premiere) · Supported by the Hanne Darboven Foundation

Ensemble Modern Hélène Fauchère, soprano Tony Arnold, soprano Holger Falk, baritone Brad Lubman, conductor

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To dine! – King Ubu invites an assembly of intellectuals, only to affront them with so-called »couplets« and to »dispose« of them, as Zimmermann termed it, through a trap door. In this musical farce, he boldly combined his collaged ballet music, for which he used only pre-existing music by composers ranging from Wagner to Stockhausen, from the baroque era to works of his colleagues from the Berlin Academy of the Arts, in one great pastiche.
Vito Žuraj’s »Übürall« is no less naughty. His Mademoiselle Übü puts her finger on neuralgic points, recounting brief stories of human foibles in a musical kaleidoscope. The commissioned works by Beat Furrer and Arnulf Herrmann also deal with the festival’s theme.

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Live-Remix of the Opening Concert

Gebrüder Teichmann

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The very immediate context which Zimmermann’s King Ubu creates between music and time is crowned, figuratively, by the Gebrüder Teichmann’s show at Frankfurt’s club saasfee. Following the opening concert of cresc... the works just heard form the point of departure for a spontaneous live remix. Using analogous technology and newly contextualised and reworked samples, »Roi Ubu« becomes the subject of reflection and is updated once again: an experimental, unpredictable, and definitely unique journey through time.

Doors open and bar: 22.00

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201321.–24. November 

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