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Symposium, 1st Day
With Regine Elzenheimer, Heribert Henrich, Jörn Peter Hiekel, Bernhard Kontarsky, Oliver Korte, Oliver Wiener, Martin Zenck and Bettina Zimmermann


Born in 1918, Bernd Alois Zimmermann was almost a decade older than the founding generation of New Music. While he did not expressly reject the innovative standards and dogmatism of the 1950s, he pursued his own path, free of any missionary impulse. Therefore, it is difficult to place him on the continuum of music history. Two ideas are inextricably linked with his output: his concept of the spherical shape of time and the pluralistic composition technique he based upon it. These had a lasting influence on younger composers. The symposium considers the fundamental principles of Zimmermann’s composition technique and combines them with aspects of the composer’s critical reception and long-term impact.

Concept and Director: Julia Cloot, Institute of Contemporary Music at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt am Main

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19 Uhr


Introductory talk: 18.15

Die Befristeten

Concert-Radio Play after Elias Canetti
with music by Michael Obst (2013) (world premiere)

IEMA-Ensemble Vimbayi Kaziboni, conductor Valentín Garvie, direction improvisation group Oliver Sturm, direction Ursula Ruppel, text version

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How does life feel in a society in which everyone knows the exact time of their death? In »Die Befristeten« (known in English as »Their Days Are Numbered«), Elias Canetti imagined a fictional world of the future in which the meaning of time has changed radically. Fascinated by this idea of dealing with time, Bernd Alois Zimmermann wrote music for an audio play version of Canetti’s dramatic text in 1967.

Cresc... realises the idea of this utopia anew: inspired by Zimmermann’s approach, Michael Obst will write an evening-length score for the IEMA Ensemble. In this concert audio play, notated passages will be interspersed with improvised sections. Here, the situation of an audio play – generally the result of an »invisible« studio production – becomes a live event.

Individual Ticket: 18,– €

22 Uhr


Introductory talk: 21.15


Morton Feldman String Quartet No. 1 (1979)

Arditti Quartet (please note the change of ensemble!)

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Monumental length meets concentrated intimacy: the first string quartet written by the American Morton Feldman promises an intensive listening experience in which minuscule changes are perceived as events and time is experienced existentially through an augmented focus. The renowed Arditti Quartet plays the rarely-performed work at cresc... in Frankfurt. At this late-night chamber music event, the listener is enveloped by trance-like strands of sound and time.

Individual Ticket: 12,– €


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