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Final concert of the International Composition Seminars of the International Ensemble Modern Academy

World premieres of works by Martin Grütter, Daniel Moreira, Evis Sammoutis, Lu Wang and Karin Wetzel
Bernd Alois Zimmermann Concert for oboe and small orchestra (1952)

Ensemble Modern Christian Hommel, oboe Robin Bös, sound design Johannes Kalitzke, conductor

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To transform the perception of time in a dangerous situation and life-saving measures into music, as the concept behind the Brazilian composer Daniel Moreira’s work demands, is one of the possibilities to explore the topic of music and time. Five world premieres by participants of the International Composition Seminar from Brazil, China, Germany and Cyprus reflect many different aspects of music, the »time art«. Questions of an aesthetic and philosophical nature served as a guideline for the pieces created as part of this year’s International Composition Seminar of the International Ensemble Modern Academy. A fascinating snapshot, allowing us to put our ear directly to the pulse of our time.

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Alte Oper Frankfurt
Mozart Saal

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Bernd Alois Zimmermann Fünf Lieder für mittlere Singstimme und Klavier (1942-46)
Wolfgang Rihm Vier Gedichte aus »Atemwende« von Paul Celan für Singstimme und Klavier (1973)
Bernd Alois Zimmermann »Imaginärer Lebenslauf« (1942)
Bernd Alois Zimmermann Drei geistliche Lieder für mittlere Singstimme und Klavier (1946)
Anton Webern Drei Lieder nach Gedichten von Hildegard Jone op.25 (1934)
Olivier Messiaen aus »Harawi« - Chant d'amour et de mort (1945)

Christiane Oelze, soprano Eric Schneider, piano

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Literature and music in a nutshell – the Lied as a condensed means of expression was employed by Bernd Alois Zimmermann only during his early years. His exploration of this genre not only reveals his literary interest, but his neo-romantic tonal idiom and the choice of poems also demonstrate his withdrawal and introversion during times of war. The singer Christiane Oelze presents musical and lyrical snapshots covering a wide chronological range.

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Alte Oper Frankfurt
Großer Saal

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Großer Saal

Requiem für einen jungen Dichter

Bernd Alois Zimmermann »Requiem für einen jungen Dichter« – Lingual für Sprecher, Sopran- und Bariton-Solo, drei Chöre, elektronische Klänge, Orchester, Jazz-Combo und Orgel nach Texten verschiedener Dichter, Berichten und Reportagen (1967-69)

Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra hr-Bigband WDR Radio Choir Cologne EuropaChorAkademie Czech Philharmonic Choir Brno Leigh Melrose, baritone Marisol Montalvo, soprano Norbert Ommer, sound design Matthias Pintscher, conductor

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It is not only its gigantic cast that makes the »Requiem« a monumental work. Pre-recorded tapes contribute noises and voices: the drone of tanks, the wailing of jet fighters, Joseph Goebbels declaring total war, Pope John XXIII opening the Second Vatican Council, Alexander Dubček rallying the citizens of Prague; text fragments from the Gospels, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany, from Ludwig Wittgenstein’s and Mao Zedong’s writings are heard, but also musical quotations from »Tristan und Isolde«, »Hey Jude«, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and free jazz riffs.
With this rarely-heard, harrowing composition of sound, time and space, Zimmermann not only paints an intellectual and political panorama of half a century, but also creates an artistic, concave-mirror image of his own inner life.

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